Inspection Russian Chestnut Sibirian Larch

In 1990 the enterprise ATLA makes a start in Tuscany of of hardwoods commercialization, especially French chestnut.
In continual expansion in Italy, the ATLA took his first step in the ex-Soviet Union in 1995, so today it is a big importation centre of Russian Chestnut and Sibirian Larch. A higly qualified and reliable staff, together with a different wood processing machinery let the Company deliver higt quality products and services such as loading and unloading of the goods by the loaders at the disposal, transportation of the timber with truck and crane trailere, satisfy increasing demands and requirements of the customers.
Because of staff's working experience there is a hardwood half-way product sector producing sash stuffs furniture dimension lumber of Beech, Oak, Chestnut and others. We can deliver this production made to order with requested sizes.